4 Ways to Recycle Content

Do you find that one of the biggest challenges with your business (or personal) Facebook or Twitter accounts is curating or creating interesting content that will get you the likes and retweets you need for engagement and exposure? This is something I have been struggling with since starting DigitalBuzz.me (my digital marketing consultancy) until I discovered these 4 ways to recycle content. Not only does recycling reduce the time spent curating or creating content, you also cross-promote your social media channels, thereby gaining new followers. And all these cross-links between channels and fresh, current content is good to get noticed by search engines.

Sold on the idea of recycling content? Great – let’s get started:

1- Embed Posts

The major social networks are all becoming more social by giving you the ability to embed their posts on other channels – including your business (or personal) blog. This is easily done by copying a few snippets of code onto the posts of your other channels or into your blog.

For example, I recently started a Tumblr Blog for DigitalBuzz.me. Instead of banging my head against a wall trying to find fresh content, I occasionally embed posts from the DigitalBuzz.me Facebook, TwitterG+, or Pinterest accounts to my DigitalBuzz.me Tumblr blog. The same can be done with YouTube, TED, and Quora posts, to name a few examples. Look for the embed button which is usually in the little menu at the top right of the post. And check out this example of how I embedded a Facebook post on this blog.

2- Storify it
Another approach you can take to recycling is to use Storify (which I covered here a few months ago) to create a story out of a series of social media posts. This can give your individual posts on a particular topic more cohesiveness and you can insert paragraphs of text to narrate the story.

For example, using my personal Twitter account, I created the following stories on two recent events I was tweeting about. You can see them here.

The final storified story can then be shared as content in its own right by linking, tweeting, or embedding it into your other channels providing you with a fresh way to reuse old content.

3- Visualize it
The old saying is that a picture is worth a 1000 words. The social media version of that is that a picture will get a 1000 likes.

You can turn any social media post (article, video, slideshow, etc) into an attractive image using a good photo and some text capturing the main ideas of the original post with a link back to the original post.

If – like me – you are artistically challenged and/or time-challenged, here are a few tools that can help turn simple images into something more eye-catching.

UseChisel is a super easy (and free!) tool. Pick an image from their vast library (or upload your own). Add an attention-grabbing quote or headline from your post. Publish. Now upload that image to Pinterest and link it back to your post. Don’t forgot to use hashtags in the description so that your pin can be found and repined by other Pinners.

If you are a little more creative, there are many other online tools that can be used to touch-up images such as PicMonkey (there is a free version).

4- Newsletter
Finally old posts make great space fillers in your newsletter. You can link to old posts thereby breathing new life (and new clicks!) on those articles. You can even link to posts you made on Facebook or other social channels as a way of cross-promoting platforms. Here is my newsletter archive to see how I do it with the DigitalBuzz.me newsletter.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. Environmentally-friendly Social Media!click-to-tweet

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you reduce the time you spend curating or creating content, and making more effective use of both your existing content and your social media presence. I would love to hear your experiences with content creation / curation. Please get in touch. I’m everywhere: FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest.

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